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Blog #44 How to Teach Music to Children

May 03, 2021

Do YOU know how to teach music to your dancers? Why should you?

How do you do that anyway?

Good questions that deserve an answer!

Do you know how to teach music? I have no idea, but you'll have a solid idea how after reading this blog post!

Why should you teach music to your dancers? Well, that's like asking why a home cook should learn the attributes of different cooking ingredients. If you know that you can thicken a sauce with corn starch (keeping the sauce more transparent looking) or with flour...

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#21: 3 FUN Ways to Teach Musicality on Zoom

May 13, 2020

Tired of Zoom yet?

All things zoom.. that's where we're all at right now. Currently I'm teaching piano that way and have even played a company ballet class that way, it's not ideal! Especially for the teacher.. It's crazy hard to discern if your students are being musical at all, with the delays of internet and zoom time. By this time (2 months into Covid-19 social isolation), you know this full well and are likely nodding your head emphatically!

We know that music education and training is beneficial...

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