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Blog #35 Master Counting Slow Duple Meter (4/4s)

Dec 29, 2020

Slow Duple Meter for Plies?! Why? How?

20 years ago, when I began to play for ballet as a young innocent, still wet behind the ears from getting my degree in performing arts, I found the art of accompanying ballet and understanding how music was relevant to the movement, absolutely mind numbing.

There were tons and tons of movements and piles and piles of music! Slowly certain movements and music began to click and make sense. Certain parts of a ballet class became a comfort zone for me..a happy place...

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#30: What 3 things do you need to know when choosing music for an exercise?

Oct 03, 2020

Boldness be my friend. - William Shakespeare

For those of you who bravely and boldly go into the realm of creating your own exercises, firstly, I raise my glass to your bravado!

You should know, based on my minimal research, that not nearly every teacher does this. In fact, I would estimate that less than 50% regularly teach unset exercises; that's so unfortunate for their students and for them! To be fair though, it is a ton of work when you're first getting started with creating exercises.

There are a...

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#24: Potato chips, Sneezes and Tangy Tangos

Jun 23, 2020

Similarities Between Music within a Metered Family

Have you ever considered the differences and similarities between different music styles? For example, the 4/4 and the 2/4 are both part of the duple meter family, meaning you, as a dance teacher, can count both of them by simply saying 1 & 2 & along with the music; they are divisible by 2. 

Another similarity is the 3/4 adagio and 6/8 adagio, they are both slow triple meter music, meaning you, as a dance  teacher, count them the same,...

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#14: I'm a Numbers Nerd, just going to own it right now!

Feb 10, 2020

So, I was working on my music training course (coming out for the first time sometime in May/June, pending disaster; sign up here if you're interested) and was curious on the break down of all the music; how much of it was duple and how much of it was triple. I popped them all into a graph and it was so interesting that I had to share! FYI: this list is not exhaustive, but, for your purposes of teaching on the fly, it's probably as exhaustive as you want it to be! lol (Feel free to email me if you think...

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#7: 98% of All Music is Duple or Triple Metre. Say What?!

Nov 03, 2019

I'm going to share something with you today that is going to BLOW YOUR MIND if you haven't learned it already! Did you know that all music (well, 98% of it) is either duple (2 based) or triple (3 based) metre. Say what? You might be thinking right now.. 'obviously waltzes and minuets are triple metre, marches, hornpipes and polkas are duple metre.. but what about 5s and 7s? They're different! Oh and 9/8s.. they're different! Girl, you don't know anything..' am I reading your mind? It's all good! I used...

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#5: Dancer counts vs. musicians counts: Basic Music Theory for Ballet Teachers

Oct 31, 2019

Music: an Integral Part of a Dancer's Life

For years as a dance student, you listened to music; you heard it, you felt it, and you danced to it. Now, you’re a teacher and you'd like to use it but you’re unsure/uncertain/scared about the counts vs the beats that musicians use.

Let me jump in here!


Triple Meter

Dancer Counts

Dancer counts are based on the feeling of the pulse in the music, or the accent, depending on how strong the music is! If a piece of music has a lot of notes, then...

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