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#10: What is syncopation? How is it valuable?

Feb 08, 2021

Have you heard of Mikhail Baryshnikov?  Of course you have.. lol, who hasn't, right? Well I stumbled on upon a great video that I want to show you, of him and Gregory Hines dancing together using something that I adore and that is.. syncopation.

Watch the video and then come back to me!

How'd you like it? They're not perfectly tight together, but it is a super fun number none the less.  What's fun about it, is when they DON'T step when you think they will, OR,...

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#29: 3 Ways to Teach an Exercise!

Sep 26, 2020

People are interesting.. Being a teacher is interesting.. Teaching is interesting..

Do you know why?

Because everyone learns differently!

In the 5 Love Languages (I LOVE THIS BOOK!), the reader learns about how people feel and give love in 1 or more ways. If one lover loves someone in a way that makes no sense to the receiver, they feel no love. They are loved desperately but it's unclear to the receiver because it is not communicated in their 'language'.

Teaching should be done with the same amount of...

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#1: Why Can't I Count a 4?

Sep 17, 2019

Did you know that we all have a music meter rhythm that resonates with our very souls? There is a musical rhythm that you feel in your body and connects with your mind and, as a ballet/dance teacher, makes you feel at ease and comfortable to use when you teach. Considering we all have hearts that beat at a consistent tempo, you’d think that we would all gravitate to the duple (2/4, 4/4) time signature; however, strangely that is not the case! In truth, each person will feel a connection with...

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