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Blog 55: How to Keep Class Musically Interesting When You're Burnt Out

Apr 18, 2022

Keeping ballet class fresh and exciting..

especially when it's late spring and your energy has been drained by shows, competitions, exams, and the 'vid with zoom time, is brutal.

You know I'm right! I'm feeling the burnout too; TONS of extra rehearsals, extra work, and extra busyness. I LOVE what I do but wow..these are busy times! Spring is the 'Christmas' of our industry. lol.

In March I sent out an email asking for my subscribers to hit REPLY and tell me some of the ways THEY keep ballet class and...

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#30: What 3 things do you need to know when choosing music for an exercise?

Oct 03, 2020

Boldness be my friend. - William Shakespeare

For those of you who bravely and boldly go into the realm of creating your own exercises, firstly, I raise my glass to your bravado!

You should know, based on my minimal research, that not nearly every teacher does this. In fact, I would estimate that less than 50% regularly teach unset exercises; that's so unfortunate for their students and for them! To be fair though, it is a ton of work when you're first getting started with creating exercises.

There are a...

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