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Blog #35 Master Counting Slow Duple Meter (4/4s)

Dec 29, 2020

Slow Duple Meter for Plies?! Why? How?

20 years ago, when I began to play for ballet as a young innocent, still wet behind the ears from getting my degree in performing arts, I found the art of accompanying ballet and understanding how music was relevant to the movement, absolutely mind numbing.

There were tons and tons of movements and piles and piles of music! Slowly certain movements and music began to click and make sense. Certain parts of a ballet class became a comfort zone for me..a happy place...

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Adagio Triple meter: Through the eyes of Christmas

Dec 19, 2020

Adagio Triple Meter Through the music of Christmas

Exploring the adagio triple meter through Christmas music! It's the perfect season since we've got ample options with fabulous melody lines that many people will recognize.

Adagio 3/4 We Three Kings


  • Accent on each dancer count
  • Music phrases of 4 dancer counts
  • Beats 2 and 3 of each measure are less significant than the beat 1.


Adagio 6/8 It Came Upon a Midnight Clear 


  • Accent on dancer counts 1, 3, 5, 7
  • Music phrases of...
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#5: Dancer counts vs. musicians counts: Basic Music Theory for Ballet Teachers

Oct 30, 2019

Music: an Integral Part of a Dancer's Life

For years as a dance student, you listened to music; you heard it, you felt it, and you danced to it. Now, you’re a teacher and you'd like to use it but you’re unsure/uncertain/scared about the counts vs the beats that musicians use.

Let me jump in here!


Triple Meter

Dancer Counts

Dancer counts are based on the feeling of the pulse in the music, or the accent, depending on how strong the music is! If a piece of music has a lot of notes, then...

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