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Storytime and way too many 'and's!

Oct 14, 2020

A Dragon and Mario and Princess Peach

Story by a 4 year old

Once upon a time there was a dragon and he was big and fast and breathed fire when he was angry and there was a princess named Princess Peach that lived in a castle who had a super power where she could become invisible and one day the dragon found her castle and wanted to eat her but just when he was ready to eat her, she disappeared and he was very angry and breathed fire and burned the water around the castle and then Mario came and ate...

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Why Can't I Count a 4?

Sep 17, 2019

Did you know that we all have a music meter rhythm that resonates with our very souls? There is a musical rhythm that you feel in your body and connects with your mind and, as a ballet/dance teacher, makes you feel at ease and comfortable to use when you teach. Considering we all have hearts that beat at a consistent tempo, you’d think that we would all gravitate to the duple (2/4, 4/4) time signature; however, strangely that is not the case! In truth, each person will feel a connection with...

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