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Exploring 5s and Free Metered Music

Sep 05, 2020

Popular Music has Failed Us!

Popular music, though fun (I'll the first to admit that I LOVE some of the older music like "Knock 3 Times", "Lean on Me", etc.), has dumbed down our musical brains!

It's true. We've been conditioned in the popular music genre to count to 3 or 4. Done! (Let's not even mention the incredibly boring chord progressions!)

Occasionally we run into some interesting time signatures and those songs become hits because the rhythm and feel of them is so strikingly different that people...

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Thoughts on Gavottes

Nov 21, 2019

Those of you teachers who get to teach the infamous pas de bourree step are likely to be familiar with, at least partially, the traditional dance music called the gavotte.. if not, today is your lucky day! Read on if you're curious.. 

The gavotte is thought to originate from the peasants living in the French Alps (the gavots) and was considered the kissing dance of these French peasant people from the province of Dauphiné. It was most popular in the courts during the 17 and 18th...

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