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3 Ways to Teach an Exercise!

Sep 26, 2020

People are interesting.. Being a teacher is interesting.. Teaching is interesting..

Do you know why?

Because everyone learns differently!

In the 5 Love Languages (I LOVE THIS BOOK!), the reader learns about how people feel and give love in 1 or more ways. If one lover loves someone in a way that makes no sense to the receiver, they feel no love. They are loved desperately but it's unclear to the receiver because it is not communicated in their 'language'.

Teaching should be done with the same amount of...

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Using Your Voice Well

Aug 11, 2020

Rhythms are all around us.. have you noticed? I mentioned in my last blog post about how certain tempos that I walk or do stuff in, trigger a song in my head! It's fun. I'm passing the habit of bursting into song to my children so now, as I'm typing away here, my family is in the next room, playing lego, and each person is humming and singing their own tune. lol. Love it!

Today I want to talked about the rhythms that we can demonstrate in our speech!

When children are unhappy,

and they want you to...

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