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Blog #40: Which 6 do I want?!

Mar 23, 2021

Which 6 do I want?!

Generally when I get asked for a six, the teacher is wanting a 6/8. Say adagio, or perhaps a fast 6/8 for allegro.

However, sometimes I get asked for a six with something else in mind.. music with 6 count phrases..

What if YOU are actually looking for a music type that is in six count phrases? You know there’s music types that are phrased and counted like that, but which one do you want? You might even spend some time trying to figure out which music type you want only to give...

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#19: Thai Food, Chopin and Mazurkas.. Say what?!

Apr 02, 2020

Thai food and the Mazurka.. say what?

A mazurka is an interesting's full of flavour and excitement. It hits lively and quick but zips away before you can settle down with it. It's like the hit of spice in Thai food.. smacks you, it's zippy, but it's so freakin' good that you just keep wanting more!

We're in the depths of Covid-19 and I am getting tired of my own cooking.. can you tell? lol. I'd LOVE a good serving of Thai green curry with chicken, and cashews.. sigh. Ah well, back to the...

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