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The Official Music Training Course for Ballet Teachers (The OMTC)... but more on that shortly..

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My Mission

is to develop musical dancers by ensuring that EVERY ballet teacher can CONFIDENTLY understand, INTENTIONALLY choose and CAPABLY use music while teaching unset ballet classes!

Ignite your music training creativity with FREE music training resources!

Whether you're honing your own killer music skills or looking for something FUN that will WOW your students, I've got you covered!

Working with a Pianist

Teaching with a live pianist can be thrilling or terrifying, you choose!

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Rhythm Poster PDF

Brighten your studio walls with a new poster that you can use to teach music rhythms! 2 birds with 1 stone!

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Music Quiz for Students

Start conversation about music by using this quiz with your students! (Don't stress, I've included the answer key.)

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Over the past 20+ years I have had the pleasure of helping many ballet teachers in training music theory for their dancers!

I love having a bunch of bright-eyed young dancers sitting 'crisscross applesauce' d around the piano and listening raptly while I show them basic rhythms in the music and demonstrate it on the keys!

Music is a second language for you, as ballet was for me, many years ago. A FLIPPIN' hard second language!

Crying tears of frustration as I sat hidden behind the piano after being corrected for playing music that just didn't work, yet again, I vowed that ballet would NOT get the better of me!

Fast forward and here we are, you and I, hanging out and talking music theory for ballet class.

Crazy, right? I NEVER would have seen this coming back then.

Rather than taking the safe path and defaulting to syllabus, status quo, and stuffyness, I want music to inspire, invigorate and intrigue your life as a ballet teacher!

Whether through the Rhythms and Beats for Ballet Series for your students, OR, The Official Music Training Course for Ballet Teachers, I am starting a movement dedicated to musicality.

My goals are to:

  • Teach music types, theory and rhythm within the ballet studio context
  • Empower ballet teachers to capably and comfortably use unset music in class
  • Encourage and motivate ballet teachers to keep learning
  • Record great music for ballet class and competitions
  • Develop confident, capable and musical dancers through the music knowledge and skills of their teachers

Sound like a lot? Overwhelming?

You can do it.. I've got you covered!

Short, VALUE PACKED, Blog Posts

Do you teach ballet? Yes? Perfect.. You're going to LOVE these easy-to-read and action inspiring posts!

Want to do music theory training with your dancers, but not sure how??

Here's your EASY answer, grab the Rhythms and Beats Series and run them with your dancers! They'll quickly learn to clap and move to the 4/4. the 3/4 and the 6/8!

Dancers ages 4-12 LOVE learning about music by watching and moving to these videos!!

Do you KNOW your students would benefit from more music training but you have no idea where to start? Are you worried that without live music your students are missing out on some basic music skills? As your studio's pianist and music teacher from afar, I've developed JUST THE THING for you! In this series your dancers will learn to clap and count dancer counts, beats, bars and how to move to 3 different time signatures; the 3/4, 4/4 and 6/8. Sounds pretty sweet, eh?

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"As a studio owner that is currently offering virtual instruction, it is important to seek out innovative and fun tools to continue to provide our students with a high level of dance education. This (Rhythms and Beats for Ballet) does just that!"

Stephanie Nicole
Studio Owner

"It sounds fun already!! I just started listening to it. (about Rhythms and Beats)"

Katherine Blenkin
Ballet Teacher

You have an immense amount of power to make or break the future of your dancers

Their future success as a professional dancer depends on YOUR ability to use and count unset music well. Syllabus alone cannot train that musicality, your dancers MUST also dance unset exercises with unfamiliar music!

Don't worry as if the coffee maker is overflowing as we speak..

your future doesn't have to be you sitting alone on Sunday night in your Lululemons, drinking a glass of wine and feeling embarrassed that you're trying to figure out how you're going to remember how to count that mazurka that you were planning on using the next day!

I'm thrilled to tell you that I've created an INCREDIBLE music training course just for you, a ballet teacher!

The Official Music Training Course for Ballet Teachers

I want to save you the tears and frustration that I experienced, hunched over and hiding my face behind the piano 20 years ago.

If you're down with mastering the use of music and becoming the Queen, nay, the kick-butt Ninja Queen of ballet class music, you've got to take it!

This course makes it EASY to learn how to count and use music (whether you work with a pianist or not, music skills are a MUST, right?!!)

Your commitment to ballet is amazing! Seriously, I'm blown away by the incredible commitment and strength that dance studios demonstrated over the past year! Your tenacity gives me great hope for the future of ballet. You are AMAZING!

I'm also ALL IN! Remember that mission?

My mission is to develop musical dancers by ensuring that EVERY ballet teacher can CONFIDENTLY understand, INTENTIONALLY choose and CAPABLY use music while teaching unset ballet classes!

That's YOU, right?! You're absolutely in the right place if you want to confidently understand, intentionally choose and capably use music while teaching unset ballet classes!

I give you clear, fun, easy-to-understand and use, music tips through monthly newsletters, blogs, free videos and finally, (after many VERY LATE recording sessions and endless-coffee mornings) three well laid out, thoughtfully created and recorded courses.

Grab a swig from your water bottle and settle in to learn more!

Can you tell me more about your Rhythms and Beats series? The Official Music Training Course for Ballet Teachers Mini Course: Triple Meter Essentials Course

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