Unset ballet classes are intensely valuable,

for EVERYONE in the studio! 


Unset classes can foster an atmosphere of intense personal growth when a wide range of time signatures and music styles are used! 

The Barre Pianist brand is here to be a driver of, often much needed, inspiring and exciting music knowledge so that the dancers and teachers of tomorrow will be strong and secure in their music rhythm, theory, understanding and abilities. 

Online Courses Available

 Hi, it's great to meet you!

I'm Lorel, the pianist behind the brand. As a dedicated ballet accompanist and music educator, I’ve discovered that ballet classes can be interesting and engaging or same old, same old. When a dance teacher is comfortable and confident counting any music type they want, ballet classes become truly special! The synergy between the music rhythms and the movements of dance becomes an unparalleled thrill! 


‚ÄúLorel's enthusiasm and love for her craft is infectious and inspirational! I would definitely¬†recommend this course to anyone looking for PD and would love to do additonal courses with Lorel in the future!!!‚ÄĚ


Nicola Trotter

Online, self-study courses that can change your life! 

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This mini course is a fantastic start to music learning!

This small course contains the top 3 triple meter music types I get asked about all. the. time! 

The mazurka, the polonaise and the 6/8. It wouldn't be complete without a solid triple meter masterclass to get you started!

RAD teachers: This course is worth 4 CPD hours!

Signature music course that is unparalleled in nature

The Official Music Training Course for Ballet Teachers is just that, the one and only music training course in the world that was designed thoughtfully and intentionally with the ballet teacher in mind! 

Music types, theory, beats, rhythm and dancer counts through the terminology and understanding of a typically ballet class.  

Uplevel your music knowledge today with this pivotal course and shave years off of your personal and professional development journey. 

RAD teachers: This course is worth 20 CPD hours in full. You'll receive documentation for 10 CPD hours after completing half the course. 

Already musically knowledgeable? 

Awesome! You'll likely find the most benefit from these two fabulous PDFs! 

The first is a spreadsheet with a list of standard exercise types and then recommended music types divided by duple and triple meter, making it easy to keep class varied, music wise. 

The second PDF you can choose to add on is a list of pianists who have recorded ballet class music albums. This has been a huge hit with teachers who like to keep class stimulating and their students engaged! 



The musical development of your dancers is dependent on one thing... 

you, their teacher. 

Ensure that you're up to the challenge by taking

The Official Music Training Course for Ballet Teachers! 

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