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My Mission

is to empower EVERY ballet teacher to confidently understand, choose and use music while teaching unset ballet classes!

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Working with a Pianist

An awesome PDF booklet on working with a pianist! If you love to teach but feel uncertain about your skills working with a pianist, this is a great place to start!

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Rhythm Poster for the Studio

Use this awesome rhythm poster PDF to begin to work with your students and teaching them about music and rhythm!  Print it out and stick it up!

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Music Quiz for Your Students

This fun 1 page quiz is a great place to start talking about rhythms and music! (Don't worry, I include the answer key!)

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After years and years (20+ to be exact) of accompanying ballet, I have helped MANY ballet teachers with their own personal music training as well as music training with their students! 

Bringing people around the piano and showing them the sheet music, playing a tune for them and explaining what they're looking at is so much fun for me.

Music is a second language for you, as ballet was, for me. I'm beyond thrilled to be the person you are considering choosing to guide and encourage you (and your students) to understand and use it better!

Whether through the Rhythms and Beats for Ballet Series for your students, OR, The Official Music Training Course for Ballet Teachers, I am totally invested in clearing the air for you on the topic of music and it's rhythms!

  • Learn about music theory and rhythm within the ballet studio context
  • Be empowered, musically
  • Be encouraged and motivated to keep learning
  • Enjoy great recorded music for ballet class and competitions
  • Gain confident, capable and musical dancers through your own professional development

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FUN, engaging and interactive!

This FUN music training series was created for use with students age 4-12

Perhaps you KNOW your students would benefit from more music training but you have no idea where to start. Are you worried that without a live pianist, your students are missing out on musicality development? As your studio's dedicated virtual music educator, I've developed JUST THE THING for you.. Rhythms and Beats for Ballet; music training for dancers ages 5-12 and up to adult if you like. In this series your dancers will learn to clap and count dancer counts, beats, bars and how to move to 3 different time signatures; the 3/4, 4/4 and 6/8.

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"As a studio owner of a dance school that is currently providing virtual instruction, it is important to seek out innovative and fun tools to continue to provide our students with a high level of dance education. This does just that! This program and it's upbeat and positive delivery not only keeps children focused on learning about musicality, it is a value added tool for ballet teachers who want to teach music concepts to their dancers, both virtually and in person. We will definitely continue to use this program once we are back teaching in the studio! (about Rhythms and Beats)"

Stephanie Nicole
Studio Owner

"It sounds fun already!! Just started listening to it. (about Rhythms and Beats)"

Katherine Blenkin
Ballet Teacher

"This is awesome! I miss your playing so much Lorel! I LOVE this. I am so happy that you are getting it out…Thank you for sharing. It is powerful but not ‘heavy’ in feeling and I love that and I LOVE the title!!! You are hilarious… So proud and happy for you. What an endeavour but something you love and are sharing:) That is what it is all about. (about The Godfather recording) "

Renee Salsiccioli
Studio Owner

You, as a ballet teacher, ALSO deserve the VERY BEST music training!

The future success of your dancers depends on YOUR ability to use music well as their teacher. Did you know that? Pressure's on! Good news is, I've got you covered!

Ballet Teacher Music Training

Here at The Barre Pianist, I am dedicated to your professional development as a ballet teacher as well by offering fun, easy-to-understand music education through monthly newsletters, free videos and well laid out, thoughtful courses (one of them is even FREE).

Check out the courses that are available or in progress by clicking below.

Tell me more about the FREE course The Official Music Training Course for Ballet Teachers Mini Course: Top 6 Music Must Knows

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