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#18: Embrace the B-

So, here's the thing about us, you and I, we are perfectionists, A+ work, always! That's one of the reasons we do what we do.. we love precision and articulate work that is nearly perfect. If we can't do it well (think A+), then we don't really want to do it at all.

Unfortunately, in times like these, where many of you are teaching behind a camera or an Iphone, or you're at least considering it, that drive and passion for perfection and excellence is holding you back from your awesome!  Your personal distaste for B- work is keeping you from accomplishing anything. Don't let that nagging overachiever voice in your head hold you back.

The world NEEDS your B- work right now! 

Your students chose you as a teacher because they like your studio location, right? Probably not.. Because you are the perfect teacher? No.. Because you nail all those pirouettes and arabesques like a dancer? Haha, I see you shaking your head.. no.. They dance with you because they enjoy learning from you.

Right now, in these weird and frustrating times, your students are missing ballet, they're lost and looking for a leader.. a guide.. someone to inspire and motivate them! You are that person, or were, just a week or 2 ago.. don't let that coveted position of influence, motivation and positivity go by the wayside (or worse yet, to another ballet studio) just because you can't deliver a top quality ballet class in the studio the way you'd like.

4 Reasons to Embrace B- Work Quality

Right now, more than ever, it's very important to be ok with B- work and just getting it out there. 

Here are 4 reasons why

  1. When you do something different, sometimes you say something different and maybe one of your students' minds will be blown away and something will click for them!
  2. Maybe a younger sibling or a parent starts to do the videos with them, maybe a friend wants to try and joins your studio after this is all over. Who knows how many ballet students you might attract long term through the opportunity to get your studio out into people's homes.
  3. Depending on how long you've been teaching, you may have settled into a rhythm of life and, as easy as that is, it can get very stale for your brain! Think of this season as a chance to learn and grow your mind and abilities! Think about it, you'll be able to market and use this knowledge LONG after Covid-19 is gone!
  4. You're staying connected with your students and showing them that their trust in you as their leader is NOT in vain! They'll come out of the season of Covid more committed to you than ever, AND, have had an incredible example in you of not giving up and pressing through.  


If you wait until you know how to do A+ recording, production, etc, you'll be too late.. the time to maintain the connection with your students will have passed and they will be latching onto other studios and teachers.. do NOT let this happen to you!

This short blog was about mind-set because sometimes we need that, more than music training, right?  If you've been thinking about recording class but not taking action, GET IN ACTION!! NOW!  It doesn't matter where, but start, just start! 

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