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#13: Cast a Vote for Your Best Self.. Explore 6/8 Allegros

I was listening to a business podcast recently and they were interviewing James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits. That man is seriously brilliant and at least 1 out of every 5 sentences he spoke was quotable, but the one that stuck in my brain the most was this..

Every action you take is like a vote for the kind of person that you want to become. -James Clear (Author of Atomic Habits)

So true, right? And interesting.. When I walk through the grocery store and grab a bag of chips instead of a some vegetables I'm voting for the softy version of me instead of the lean version of me. When I take the time sit with my boys and read a book with them instead of peruse FB or IG, I'm putting a vote in for being a mama who loves her boys enough to spend time with them, teaching them that they're worthy and valuable. When I shut down the computer (AND PHONE!) by 10:30 pm so that I can go to bed and get a good sleep, I'm putting a vote in for being healthy, strong and happy.  It's really  thought provoking when you consider your life and the decisions you make.

When you, as a ballet teacher, dig into understanding more about music and you spend your minimal free time learning about it, you're putting in a vote for a more educated, more informed, more musical you! You're putting a vote in for your students to become more musical dancers as you begin to explore more music exposure by teaching unset ballet classes, applying the information you learn to your teaching abilities.. I'm so glad you're here!

Now, let's take a a couple of minutes to learn about allegro 6/8s.


6/8 Jig: This sweet, happy sounding, delightful music should be counted as a 3 or triple meter. Depending on the speed of it, you might skip the 2nd and 5th beats entirely. and1 and2 and3 and4   etc. rather than saying 1 and uh 2 and uh 3 and uh 4 and uh. It is happy sounding because generic allegro 6/8s are generally written in a major key and those are considered 'happy' keys. Due to that major key signature, this music is wonderful for littles! 

6/8 Tarantella: Counting wise, the tarantella is also counted as a 3, the same as the jig that we just talked about. Due to the nature of a tarantella, you would never try to count all 6 beats in a measure, but rather, 1 and2 and3 and4 is all you'll get in at a proper tarantella speed! Tarantellas are generally written in minor keys, this makes them sad sounding, plus, they're super fast and driven so it almost sounds a bit aggressive.

6/8 March: This is the weird one in the bunch! The 6/8 march is actually considered a duple meter piece of music. It's counted like a 2 with a swing to it (technically compound time of a 2/4)! Think of the song, The Teddy Bear's Picnic from your childhood.. that's your 6/8 march!

So there you go! A quick recap of 6/8s that are.. quick.. lol 


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