Hey there! Registration for The Official Music Training Course for Ballet Teachers (The OMTC) is closed right now, unfortunately!


The Official Music Training Course for Ballet Teachers

is made up of..

Module 1: Mini Course

From Mess to Music Master! This mini course teaches you about a page of sheet music as is relevant to you, a ballet teacher! (Don't worry, I'm not teaching you to play piano!)

Module 2-5

Through a tried and tested 3 step method, learn the rhythm, how to count it, recognize it and how to use 20 different kinds of music relevant to ballet class. The real 'meat' of the course!

Module 6

Basics of working with a pianist/musician so that you can feel confident and comfortable teaching unset classes with a musician! Sounds amazing, right?!

Throughout this groundbreaking course, you will learn how to communicate rhythms, time signatures and qualities clearly

In addition to that musicality training throughout the 20 different types of music, you'll have multiple resources available to you such as:

  • Weekly Q & A Facebook LIVES inside of a private group for any questions you might have. (With yours truly!)
  • PDFs that you can print out of all the important information. (Course schedule, all the rhythms, exercise recommendations and much more!)
  • 20+ music recordings for you to use and practice counting to.
  • Lifetime access.. No rush, ok?
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