Do you wish you had more confidence in your ability to use music for unset classes?

Perhaps you took teacher training years ago, but feel a little rough on the edges.. or maybe you've never taken any teacher or music training and wish you knew more!

The Official Music Training Course for Ballet Teachers

is definitely for you

(unfortunately registration is closed at this time)

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I think you'll be intrigued. You won't be the first person to tell me it's exactly what you've been looking for!

First, a mini course on reading sheet music!

Don't worry, you don't need a piano, you're just getting the basics in order to understand what you're looking at when it comes to a piece of sheet music! Valuable when it comes to dances, syllabus, working with a pianist, etc!

Second, the CORE of the course is about music types: how to count and use them!

Modules 2-5 of this course lead you on a clear and logically organized 3-Step journey through most of the music types you need to know how to use as a ballet teacher!

Step 1: See the Rhythm

Step 1 is all about understanding what the music rhythm looks like, how it's counted, including the introduction! Be prepared to practice actually teaching each meter with clear musical qualities in your voice!

Step 2: Hear the Music

In this step I've recorded videos of me playing and counting each music type. You'll also get to download, listen to and use recordings I've recorded for you of each music type!

Step 3: Use the Music!

In this third and final step, you will learn to use the music. Regardless of the music style, I lead you through a journey of discovery of how and when to use it!

Third, tools for successfully working with a pianist

The 6th and final module specifically addresses communication between the ballet teacher and the pianist as well as what to look for if you're considering hiring one, getting a piano, etc.

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The Official Music Training Course for Ballet Teachers is NOT to be missed!

Since it's closed currently..

Watch this video to kickstart your music journey as a teacher!


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