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7 Fun Facts About Me!

  1. I LOVE to learn and feel like we should all NEVER STOP LEARNING. I have done things like change a headlight, change a power window, tile our kitchen back-splash (it looks pretty flippin amazing!) and now, start an online business dedicated to music training! This love of learning led me to pick up all I could about ballet so I could be more amazing as a ballet accompanist! Perfect for what I'm doing now!
  2. I don't always agree that pain is gain! Learning to play for ballet was brutal for me in the beginning, I cried.. a lot! These days I make a point of making music EASY for ballet teachers to understand and use. I want to save you from what I went through, a LONG and arduous journey of learning the connections between music and ballet!
  3. I LOVE coffee..and wine. You? It got me through many a late night of business building in the beginning!
  4. I LOVE to have fun, get smiles and teach so I am quick to give music training in a ballet class if a teacher asks for it.
  5. I don't have much of a filter.. true story, ask my friends!  You'll discover quickly through my materials, courses, freebies, blogs, etc that I'm quick to tell it like it is. So, if you're easily offended, I'm probably not your girl. lol. If you like honesty and real conversations, stick around!
  6. I am hearing impaired and yes, I wear hearing aids.  You'd think I'd be the last person to be accompanying ballet (trying to hear someone talking across a big room while the piano often playing in front of me), BUT, ballet is also very visual and so I've made a point of learning all I can about the movements and qualities of our art and then I watch teachers like a hawk!
  7. I've ALWAYS been and will be an entrepreneur! When I was a young teen, living on a farm, I started a roadside hotdog/hamburger/lemonade stand for a summer while the highways were being repaved. That paved (literally) the way for me to pay cash for my first car! I love the idea that when I'm innovative and work hard, I can accomplish things for myself. You've got that same spirit as a ballet teacher! When you put effort into your classes and your students, you get to see the benefits of it!
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Where else can I find this awesome woman online?!

Whether through Facebook and IG lives, my YouTube channel, local newspapers or Clubhouse, I never shy from getting out there!

Pianist inspires others to defy disability

This was a neat project that the Calgary Herald was running for a year called The People Project. You can look up many interesting People Project videos online, I just happened to get picked. I’ve got a toddler and I’m pregnant with my second so don’t mind the belly! lol

LEAH HENNEL & KERIANNE SPROULE Calgary herald:January 4, 2016 

Move Over Beethoven: Hearing-impaired pianist defies disabilities

I’m pretty thrilled with this article still. I caught the eye of a writer at the Calgary Journal and she wrote this little article about me, pretty sweet. 

San Nar - Calgary Journal.ca:April 4, 2017


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