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Spend less time class planning, yet teach more brilliant unset ballet classes than ever before while using expertise to thoughtfully select music for your wonderful, superstar students!

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FREE COURSE: 3 Steps to Simplify Choosing Music for Your Unset Ballet Class

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We are all on a journey towards a more awesome version of ourselves, day by day. This small, free, course is for you, ballet teachers, who want to continue to grow and challenge yourselves.

These 3 steps will help you lesson plan with exceptional creativity and greater musicality while keeping reasonable goals for your personal growth.


Step 1

Healthy choices leads to the most innovative creativity.


Step 2

Picking reasonable goals to accomplish great things.

Patterns in lesson planning

Step 3

Patterns are glorious in ballet, use them to your advantage.

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I am developing these courses, this website, my youtube channel, the private facebook group, etc, for you!  Please, come and be inspired!

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