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The OMTC; SS (4 payments)

Expand your music skills so you can hear, count, choose and use music with confidence and musical capability that you never knew was possible! 

Self-study, work at your own pace with lifetime access.

YOU (and your students!) will understand and use music like NEVER BEFORE!

See the details here!

Through taking and implementing this course, you can expect to:

  • Develop smart and effective strategies for using different time signatures!
  • Develop confidence using and counting ballet class music (especially if you're working with a pianist!)
  • Gain HUGE amounts of clarity as far as understand what the music rhythms look like, sound like, and their phrasing!
  • Gain peace of mind and confidence in the area of working with a pianist and communicating clearly (You'll no longer need to wonder "is it me?" every time!)
  • Significantly strengthen your ability to hear and count music styles effectively and clearly! 

 I'm very proud of The OMTC and what it has to offer for you..

  • Mini Course: HOT MESS to Music Reading Master!  (This is that music theory that most people dread.. this time it's taught with you in mind!)
  • How to count the music and introductions of 20 of the most commonly used duple and triple meter time signatures (6/8 march, cut-time march, barcarolle, polka, mazurka, polonaise, 6/8, minuet and so many more!!)
  • Get ideas about which exercises suit each time signature/music rhythm (Who doesn't like that dirty work done for you, right?)
  • Step by Step instructions that help you make immediate progress: Learn to use your newfound knowledge through my step-by-step process; develop exercises, choose music easily and quickly, and finally, learn to count it with confidence.
  • Many ways to 'take it all in'; downloadable PDFs, videos to watch and lessons to read. All of which can be done in an APP or on a browser or both, as you like! (It's all inside your account which tracks your progress so you never have to try to remember where you were at! Sweet, right?)
  • Music recordings done by Lorel for reference and future use. (Free music, Woo hoo!!!)

Let me remind you what these amazing courses are all about!


MINI COURSE: Hot Mess to Music Reading Master

A quick, smart and clear music theory course designed with you in mind to speed up your understanding of sheet music and what all those lines and dots mean! How it is relevant to you. Etc!

This short but complete music theory course (Module 1 of 6), designed with a ballet teacher in mind, is sure to 'clear the muddy waters' for anyone who faces sheet music with confusion!

The Official Music Training Course for Ballet Teachers

This one-of-a-kind course will give you the music skills, clarity and confidence you need in order to create and teach an unset ballet class using the standard ballet class music; including how to work with a pianist!

It is intended to give you a solid base from which you can better understand other, more complex rhythms and time signatures which I teach inside of The Barre Exclusive, a private membership only available for students and graduates of The OMTC.



  • Learn anywhere!!: Your course can be learned through an app or through your desktop/laptop computer; it will track your progress either way! 
  • Permanent Access: The course is yours for as long as it exists so you will be able to come back and refresh your memory as needed.  
  • Receipt/Certificate: You will get a receipt emailed after you purchase. You will also receive an email after module 3 is complete certifying the aims and objectives reached and giving you 10 time-valued CPD hours. Finally, at the end, you'll get another email with the aims and objectives reached in the second half (modules 4-6), who it was taught by, as well as confirmation of 10 more CPD  hours earned (whether for CPD hours or secondary education).  Also, because I'm a total geek, I'll be sending a certificate to your inbox when you finish the course!


What People Are Saying:

While I was working on The OMTC, we were teaching from home on zoom because of Covid, but just this week we finally got back to in person classes. I wanted to tell you that your course made a WORLD of difference for me. Before I struggled with the pianist and the music, but I didn't want to say anything because I wasn't sure if it was me, or them. Now I didn't have any problems at all except for 1 exercise, I knew what I wanted and he didn't believe me! lol. It all worked out because I could clearly communicate what I wanted and why. Amazing!


Thanks for bringing this awesome course to life, it wasn't something I had necessarily thought I needed in the past, but I am so glad I found it and I have gained a lot from it! This course has definitely filled in some training and experience gaps for me!


I have ZERO music theory. I'm very much enjoying doing the course and love the material.