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Meet Lorel and learn more about this great ballet teacher resource series from the creator herself!


Fun Music Learning Resources for Your Students!

Studios and students around the world are using and enjoying these materials! Whether screen sharing on zoom, or some day soon, back in the studio, you will not get tired of using these incredible tools for music training!

Rhythms and Beats for Ballet: 3/4, 4/4 and 6/8!

Rhythms and Beats ALL 3!

$39.97 USD



  • Rhythms and Beats for Ballet: (The WHOLE story!)
    • Longer (14 minutes approx) fun, interesting and interactive video introducing the time signature package you've invested in.
    • Guides students through an understanding of
      • Time signatures
      • Quarter notes
      • Clapping beats
      • Clapping bars
      • Clapping dancer counts
      • Moving to it: whether marching, triple stepping, etc.
    • Currently, these videos are recorded to be consumed and done at home (encouraging students to record themselves and send it to you!). When home study is no longer required, I'll upload a second ending for the instructional videos with alternate endings for use in the studios!
  • Rhythms and Beats for Ballet: (Short and Sweet)
    • Diving straight into the clapping the beats, the bars and moving to it! This would be great for exam preparations and once your students have already learned the concepts!

PDFs (all related to the time signature)

  • Word search for older students
    • This has been designed with a timing option on it to encourage some healthy class competition.
  • Word search for younger students
  • Crossword for your intellects
    • your teacher guide pdf has the answer key on it!
  • 3 different colouring pages for your littles
  • A fill in the blank story about little Miss Waltz in the 3/4


Stephanie N. (dance studio owner)

"Rhythms and Beats is an engaging and interactive tool to teach children about musicality in ballet class. As a studio owner of a dance school that is currently providing virtual instruction, it is important to seek out innovative and fun tools to continue to provide our students with a high level of dance education. This does exactly that! 

This program and it's upbeat and positive delivery not only keeps children focused on learning about musicality, it is a value added tool for ballet teachers who want to teach music concepts to their dancers, both virtually and in person. We will definitely continue to use this program once we are teaching back in the studio!"

You've been on mind.. and this product line is 100% for you

I genuinely hope that you will take advantage of this really fun and all inclusive resource package as I believe you will enjoy them for years to come! 

At $39.97 USD, it's really a steal considering you can use the materials for years to come!

So clever, I definitely want to check out ALL these materials!