Did you know that the mazurka, the polonaise and the 6/8 are the 3 most common triple meter music types that ballet teachers ask me about?

They ask me because they want to have more confidence that they're doing it RIGHT!

The great news is, they're using these music types with their dancers, growing and challenging their musicality. The even BETTER news is that they are now counting/marking class using these music types with the confidence and articulation of a master teacher!

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As The Barre Pianist, the music I get the most questions about is the mazurka, with the polonaise as a close second!

Shortly after that is the 6/8! I know that people are busy and don't always have time to work through the entire Official Music Training Course for Ballet Teachers, so, I've taken all the video training of these 3 music types including all their recordings and PDF downloads, added a solid triple meter masterclass to start you off with a solid footing and thrown them together into a new mini course for you, The Triple Meter Essentials!

(RAD teachers, I've got GREAT news for you, this small section of The OMTC is worth 4 time-valued CPD hours!)

After registering, you'll have 60 days to complete the work before your access goes away.

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Hi, I'm Lorel! (The Barre Pianist)

After over 20 years of ballet accompaniment AND a B.F.A., I'm in this for the long haul! I ADORE accompanying ballet and teaching music so The Barre Pianist was a natural extension of those 2 loves! Whether you have time to take The OMTC (Which I firmly believe EVERYONE would get something out of taking it!) or not, this segmented mini course is a wonderful way to get started learning with me! You'll get a discount code for the OMTC after you've completed this mini essentials course should you decide that you actually want to take the full OMTC. Don't delay.. this course is a great way to get started!


R.A.D. teachers, you'll be happy to know this mini essentials course is worth 4 CPD hours once you've completed all the lessons!


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