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Do you feel frustrated and embarrassed by your insecurities when you need to choose and count music?

I've been there, on the other side of the piano.. I still remember how frustrating it was to not understand what kind of music I should be playing. The teachers were clear, but, with my lack of ballet training, I felt lost and.. dumb. I can't tell you how many times I cried behind the piano because I felt incapable, insecure, unknowledgeable and lost. I don't want those feelings for you.

How Could Taking 'Top 6' Change Your Life?

By learning how to count, mark and use music better, you'll improve your confidence, capability and presence in the ballet studio. This course is a great precursor for The Official Music Training Course for Ballet Teachers.

Working with a Pianist

No more fear; you will learn how to not only prepare your studio physically, a keyboard, etc, but also, present yourself prepared and capable!

Learn to use your voice well to count in a way that communicates tempo, quality and rhythm.

Music Phrasing

Music phrasing, 6 count phrased music and cross phrasing! 

Also, most valued part part of the course for previous students,  the anacrusis/pick-up and it's affect on your music choices and exercises.

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Music Comprehension

Develop your music comprehension of 2/4s vs 6/8s when it comes to allegro work.

3/4 vs 6/8 adagios; when and why.


I recently took Lorel's course, Top 6 Music Must Knows for Ballet Teachers and I found it very informative. I teach mostly syllabus classes and have a hard time when I have to plan an open class or a free enchainment to find the exact right song to give the proper feel and tempo for the dancers. The way she explains music in relation to dancers is wonderful, really getting into the idea of how music helps a dancer jump higher or use the floor more, based on what we select. This information is so so important to know for all teachers and, I strongly believe it's always good to be learning and improving. Lorel is offering an excellent way to help us with our professional development!

-Katherine M

Lorel's Story

Over the past 20 years, I have been utilzing my Type A personality by insisting that I become amazing at accompanying ballet. I began that journey through many tears (and a 90 degree learning curve!) at the RWB (Royal Winnipeg Ballet). After several gruelling years of learning EVERYTHING I could, ended up moving to... dun dun dun.. 

Jamaica! Yah mahn..  My big dream was to pay off student loans while living in a tropical country. That lasted just 3 weeks before getting attacked for my purse and returning to Canada with a sliced wrist and many stitches.

That brief adventure was key to me ending up in Calgary where my parents live and I could recover without living expenses. This is when I began to accompany for the Alberta Ballet School and the Alberta Ballet Company, which I still do to this day!

Through course development, class teaching and privates with ballet teachers preparing for their Associate teacher exams, I have been personally and mentally prepared for this "online business" thing for longer than I even realized.

It struck me one day that I had a TON of knowledge in my head that only benefited a small number of ballet teachers in the world.. what a shame! I wondered what I could do with it.. I began chatting with ballet teachers from outside of the professional ballet school world that I was in and it turns out, music training was EXACTLY what they wanted!

So here we are! I'm excited and thoroughly enjoying getting to know ballet teachers around the world. Creating tools and training for ballet teachers so that they can train the most muslcal dancers possible.

Top secret (shhh), prior to getting married, I spent HOURS (and hours!!) Latin dancing! Between my day job of accompanying ballet and my night life for about 10 years, I cannot even begin to compute the hours I've dedicated to dance and music! 

P.S. I adore a hot cup of coffee, dogs of all sizes (including our ratdog chuahua/pug mix; Chica) and my family.. not necessarily in that order.

Definitely taking Top 6 for now!

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If you complete the course and feel that it has not taught you the concepts that are promised, I'm happy to return your money 100% within 30 days of purchase.

Forever! It will be permanently available to you via my website and the Kajabi app. That's right! There is a snazzy little app put out by Kajabi that you can put on your smart phone and take the course through that if you like to learn on the go!

Absolutely, I am only an email away! I am always happy to help, chat, demonstrate on the piano, etc.  

In fact, if you have questions about this course right now, email me today! [email protected]

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