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Worried about making unset classes? What music would be perfect? How can you keep the meters changing so your dancers (and you) don’t get stuck in a rut? 

This brand new tool is the cat’s pajamas for teachers wanting an easier process for unset class and music selection! 

Triple Meter Mini Essentials

Get the mazurka, polonaise and 6/8 cleared up and secure forever in just 60 days!!

Confidence is just a few video lessons away!

What you'll get:

  • Access to the entire Essential Triple Meter Mini course for 60 days
  • A taste of the mini course from Module 1 of The OMTC! You'll find the lesson teaching notes and rhythm reading to get you started on the right foot!
  • Exclusive BRAND NEW training JUST FOR YOU with the basic triple meter explained through my tried and true 3 Step technique!
  • CONFIDENCE using the Polonaise, Mazurka and 6/8 through the Steps 1, 2 and 3 video training from The OMTC.
  • Music downloads for all 4 (3/4, mazurka, polonaise and 6/8) music types that you can download, listen to, practice counting with, and enjoy in the studio
  • PDF downloads to reference in the future

Taking this Mini Essentials course is a great way to get a some SOLID music training PLUS get a great sense of how The OMTC works! 

[ The content in this Triple Meter Mini Essentials is a small part of The Official Music Training Course for Ballet Teachers. RAD teachers!! It is worth 4 CPD hours when you've completed it. ]