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Top 6 Music Must Knows for Ballet Teachers 2.0

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Become a more musically capable and confident teacher!

By taking the Top 6 course you will:
  • Gain a clear understanding of music phrasing, including cross phrasing and music in 6 count phrases like the polonaise or bolero
  • Develop confidence in your ability to work with a musician
  • Become more capable at using your voice to express the qualities, tempos and rhythms of your exercises
  • Comprehend and utilize the differences between the 3/4 and the 6/8 adagio
  • Get a stronger grasp of why you might want a 2/4 vs a 6/8 when it comes to allegro
  • Develop confidence in your understanding and usage of the anacrusis/pick up

I am totally confident that you will grow and be challenged by the quantity and quality of information in this course! Through learning in an organized format that you will be able to click through and complete on either this website or an app on your smart phone, you are sure to enjoy yourself in the process!

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What People Are Saying:

I recently took Lorel's course, Top 6 Music Must Knows for Ballet Teachers and I found it very informative. I teach mostly syllabus classes and have a hard time when I have to plan an open class or a free enchainment to find the exact right song to give the proper feel and tempo for the dancers. The way she explains music in relation to dancers is wonderful, really getting into the idea of how music helps a dancer jump higher or use the floor more, based on what we select. This information is so so important to know for all teachers and, I strongly believe it's always good to be learning and improving. Lorel is offering an excellent way to help us with our professional development!

Katherine Marian

I thought the course was VERY clear. Learning outcomes were presented and explained. Your knowledge of music AND BALLET is obvious and clearly developed through years of experience.

Student of Top 6