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My mind was blown! (How have I never stumbled upon this before??!)


I had an epiphany recently.. I was playing a class for a teacher who asked me for a mazurka. They then proceeded to mark and count a 3 with the lilt of a mazurka, but on every beat.. like a polka mazurka.. plus a little slower, like a polka mazurka.. THEN, as I was playing the perfect piece of music for the exercise, a polka mazurka, I was struck by sections within it that had groupings of 3 eighth notes (a triplet) on a beat and my mind exploded.. not literally, but almost! 

Mazurka: Quicker, light, and accent on the 2

Polka-Mazurka: Light, slightly slower, and a lilting rhythm on all 3 beats

9/8: light, slightly slower.. and.. a lilting, round, rhythm on all 3 beats.

I've always known that all 3 of these music styles could be counted as a 6 (1 a2 3, 4 a5 6, or 1&a 2&a 3&a, 4&a 5&a 6&a), but, I never would have thought about the mazurka and the 9/8 being similar at all until the polka mazurka blew my mind and showed me the way! 

If you already knew this all and the connection and flow of the rhythms did not just completely blow your mind, fabulous! You are a shining star!

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