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Blog #36 Favourite Music Anyone?

New Isn't Always Better!

So we just had Christmas and my boys got a present that thrills their souls, an air powered rocket set! It's cheap plastic and probably won't last long, but for the time being, it's incredibly fun! Likely in an hour or 2, they'll be back inside playing with LEGO or cars, lol.

That's how it is with new music too, right?

We get new music (whether musicians or dance teachers) and temporarily we're thrilled with our new find, but the excitement wears off quick if it doesn't work well, and then we gravitate back to our old familiar favourites.

We all have music that we adore that ALWAYS works! It's like putting on your favourite shoes or yoga pants.  Pure delight. You know what I mean right?  I've got music that I default to when I'm playing for teachers that I've never accompanied for before. It's safe, it's predictable and I know it will work.

Your Turn!

Seeing as it's the start of a new year, rather than posting a blog, I thought I'd instigate something different this time and give YOU a chance to share YOUR favourite class music, whether for dances, creative movement or ballet class for the betterment of fellow teachers! A Christmas/New Years gift per say!

Since my blog and website attracts ballet teachers who believe in quality music, quality music education and training musical dancers for the betterment of the future of ballet, I thought there was no better place than here for this collection to happen! My website is intended to serve and support dance teachers. A compiled list of top quality music recordings and/or artists with useful labelling of pieces, consistent tempos and exciting and energized music would be a resource any teacher would want, right!?!

Whether you're just starting out as a ballet teacher or you've been teaching for years, you likely already have your 2 or 3 favourite albums or artists so posting in the comments below should be pretty quick and easy!

When we've got a good collection together, I'll throw it all together into a resource that you can benefit from and utilize in the future!

Happy New Years and I look forward to continuing serving you through many musical connections with you this 2021!



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