The app that will make using digital music for class, almost dreamy!

Whether you're frustrated by the fact that your music is too slow or too fast, your limited music collection or having to put together a playlist, Ballegro is your perfect solution!
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Here are just some of the incredible tools within this app!

Playlist Builder

Build playlists from a collection of your own music as well as Ballegro's.

Tempo Adjuster

Adjust tempos on the fly with a tempo slider!

Ready-to-go Playlists

Choose from ready to use playlists created by international ballet teachers.

Works Offline

On your mobile, this app works off and online!

Start using it because it's brilliant,

keep using it because you can't imagine teaching without it! 

Use my discount code (THEBARREPIANIST2020) for 10% off.

Discount Code: THEBARREPIANIST2020